The Art Work of Mike Daley

My painting outlook


Now retired and living in The Villages, I have enjoyed art in The Villages, having worked as a Golf Illustrator, I believe I have painted over 80 golf courses across the country. I no longer take commissions, Golden Ocala was my last and some of those paintings are shown here on my Golf page, 

I look now to paint pictures that tell a story and not just scenery.

I have done a lot of Plein Air painting  since moving to Florida. I painted on site when ever possible when commissioned to do a Golf Course but it is not the same. I think all artist would benefit from trying  Plein Air even if it is just a crayon sketch. You will learn to see color, shape and value. More of this later in my Blog page.


Just off the Easel

Joy of the Morning Surf. 16 x 20 oil on canvas panel. This was influenced by some of my fellow artist who keep showing painting of waves. I am off to Siesta Key to do a little of that myself.

My Favorite Paintings