The Art Work of Mike Daley

The Art Work of Mike Daley

The Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike Daley

My painting outlook


Now retired and living in The Villages, I have enjoyed art in The Villages, having worked as a Golf Illustrator, I believe I have painted over 80 golf courses across the country. I no longer take commissions, Golden Ocala was my last and some of those paintings are shown here on my Golf page, 

I look now to paint pictures that tell a story and not just scenery.

I have done a lot of Plein Air painting  since moving to Florida. I painted on site when ever possible when commissioned to do a Golf Course but it is not the same. I think all artist would benefit from trying  Plein Air even if it is just a crayon sketch. You will learn to see color, shape and value. More of this later in my Blog page.

Mothers Love 12: rd in oil on wood.
Mothers Lovc

Just off the Easel

Mothers Love 12 inch round on Birch oil. It is fun painting on wood and in the round. This is the first of my nostalgia series I am starting. 

Gladys and Skippy

Just off the Easel

Gladys and Skippy

12 x 12 oil on birch panel. 

My Favorite Paintings