The Art Work of Mike Daley

The Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike Daley

King & The Bear

Back in 1998 I was contacted by a developer to see if I could do some renderings of a future golf hole at the World Golf Village. He was going to build upscale homes on the new course and he need to show his prospective buyers what it would look like when it was grown in. He said it currently was just dirt. So off I went to Florida.

What you see below are some of the reference photos I took .

Par #5 546 yds.


So this is what I had to work with. This view is the main interest as we are looking toward the future green to be located just past the pond on the right


This is facing back toward the tee area. The developer was going to build up scale homes to the right of this view and left of the first picture.


This is the tee area for this par 5 which will have water and flowers to set it off.


The King and The Bear par 5 Fifth hole

These are the finished renderings. I was supplied  a landscape blueprint that told me what was to be planted. I was to render them as they would look in 3 -4 years. Being an Ohioan I did not anticipate the rate of growth in Florida,  but I was close.

The Rohan Mural

The Villages was going to build a new recreation center in 2015 and dedicate it to the Recreation Director John Rohan so they wanted to have murals in each room depicting a form of recreation available in The Villages . For the first time they opened it up to local artist to submit their design. I was chosen to do a golf scene of course. The following are some of the steps taken.

I do not paint many murals because I am a sit down studio artist, so this was a challenge.

We were supplied with a wonderful 6 x 9 foot canvas from Fredrix made of recycled plastic water bottles covered with gesso. Very smooth but still will tooth. They use this because it is not effected by heat and humidity, in Florida that is a good thing. When the painting is finished it is varnished and sealed then glued to the wall. It becomes the wall really an will last as long as the wall stands. Oh and the painting is done in acrylic. There was a big learning   curve because I am not use to painting in acrylic and never have painted this large. Mura painting is for strong legs up and done all day. I got a model for the swing, Dick Subers and off I went.

The Banta Mural

Although I am not a Muralist I have done a few. This one was for Bill and Glenda Banta. Their sink in the kitchen was an Island that faced  a blank white wall so they wanted some thing to look at while washing dishes or preparing food. I am not sure of the size of this mural but I believe it was 7 ft long.