The Art Work of Mike Daley

The Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike Daley

Golf Art


The 3 paintings below are what started me on my road to doing Golf Illustrations. In the early 80's I was involved in a Pro Golf store in Ohio when a salesman from Foot Joy and Titleist say my watercolor One Up After Nine and asked if he could show a copy of it to his boss and I was off. It became a print, then they did 6 color lithographs, which was expensive. 

If you are interested in how I painted conceptual Illustrations of golf holes under construction, check out my At Work page.

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when viewing this page, if the picture does not have information below the painting click on it to see a slide show of that group.

American Brands.

One Up After Nine, Watercolor 14 x 18

One Up After Nine, 14 x 18 watercolor

Tools At Rest, 16 x 20 watercolor
This was my second print

Tools at Rest, 16 x 20 watercolor

This was my second print for American Brands

After the Round, 16 x 20 Gouache.

After the Round, 16 x 20 gouache on illustration board.

Golden Ocala

Golden Ocala #18 oil 18 x 24

No. 18 oil 18 x 24

I feel this is one of the prettiest hole on the course and the hole the made me want to paint this course. 

Par 5, 555 yds from the back tees

Golden Ocala No 10 & 11 oil 18 x 24

#10 and @11 oil 18 x 24

This is primarily no. 10 with the par 3 no.11 in the background.

Hole no 10 , par 4 437 yds

Hole no. 11, par 3, 160 yds


#11 par 3 oil 14 x 18

This pretty par 3 is a copy of #12 at Augusta.

Hole no. 11, par 3 160 yds


no.12 Par 5, oil 18 x24

This beautiful hole is a close replica of #13 from Amen Corner at Augusta 

In the spring it is breath taking with all the Magnolias and Crape Myrtles in bloom. 

This par 5 is 514 yds from the back tee.

Some of my Favorite past golf course paintings

From 1980 to 1999 I painted around 80 different golf holes. The following are some of my favorites for one reason or another. Usually I painted in gouache if it was just a presentation or advertising rendering, but a lot of them required oil paint. 

Click on any painting for a slide show with details. There are currently 9 paintings in the show even though it only shows 6 here.

If you would like to see how I worked on a new course in the mud and sand go to my At Work page.

The slide show below has more than the 6 paintings shown here so click on one to get to the Slide Show.