The Art Work of Mike Daley

The Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike DaleyThe Art Work of Mike Daley

The Plein Air Page


About Plein Air

A French term meaning painting in the outside air. Art has a lot of French terms or words thanks to the Impressionist. Plein Air is the fastest growing form of art that is sweeping the world much like the golf boom did back in the 80's. Every artist should give Plein Air a try. 

I am a member of the Florida Plein Air Painters and The Ocala Plein Air Painters Association. I started to  paint out side after I moved to Florida in 2004 due to the influence of Jose Rodriquez, then President of OPAP. Honestly I found it overwhelming because of all the green and vegetation. When I was commission to paint a signature hole on a golf course it was a specific look the client required. When I was on my own to paint a scene of my choice it was a whole new ball game. 

I am still learning to see color and shape. I learn to isolate interesting things from the surrounding landscape. Chasing the light is part of the fun and frustration. You see color that you never noticed before. Half the fun is being out in the elements. You would be surprised what goes on out there when you sit in the same place for a couple of hours. The wild life tends to accept you and act like you were not there. Some even get curious enough to see what you are doing. 

 More to come on this in my Blog page.

Nocturnal Painting

I need at this point to thank Stephen Bach and Mathew Cornell for introducing me to night painting. This is a load of fun when you can find the right lighting. There are less visual and outside distractions and they pop.

Summer days in Florida are very hot so painting when it is cooler at night is great. No sun to fight or hide from. Less people about. One caution, pick a safe area and don't go out alone. You start with a black canvas and paint only what you see. Much easier than finding the subject during the day with all the visual noise.