This is the start of my Gallery of Work. It is broken up in 3 sections, Studio Work, Plein Air and Golf, because each requires a different approach. I have been painting a lot of commissions over the last 40 years and now I am painting for myself. I hope to show you work out of my head, influenced by the past. We are all influenced by our past experience and training, in an artist this is his style.

New off the easel

I have painted a lot of landscapes and golf courses so now is the time for me to paint from my head and heart. I like to do paintings that tell a story. 

This is my latest and it was a ball to do.  I saw this old tree years ago while doing an art show in Ocala at the Marion County Government grounds, with these kids climbing all over it. I thought at the time, "What would your mother say if she could see you know". That memory has stayed with me for all these years so I made a trip to Ocala to find the tree and thankfully it is still there. 

Here is "Down Now" 16 x 20 water mixable oil on a birch panel.

On The Easel